“How does this portfolio map to our JD?”
"Critt gave her a 'strong hire', lets setup time with our CEO"
“Looking for feedback on their mobile design aptitude”
"What drove this design decision?"
“What are you favorite mobile apps?”
“Describe your typical visual identity process”

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Critt is helping companies find and hire design talent by integrating ML into common hiring workflows such as sourcing and portfolio reviews.

How it works

We've aggregated public lists of designers who are currently looking for freelance and full-time opportunities
We've developed the fastest tool on the planet for evaluating creative candidates
Capture feedback from your team for 10x faster review to offer


Lauren H.
Visual Designer, Startup
"This interview experience was, dare I say it... fun. I was asked some questions and then recorded my portfolio review via Loom. It was on my time (I'm a night owl) and in a way that I was happy with the final result. I got feedback from the designers that reviewed it. I didn't get the gig but got some great tips out if it and a video that I can now send to others..."
Edward M.
Recruiter, Meta
“Hiring designer is harder than engineers these days. And recruiters often don't know what to "look" for. From service design, to interaction design, to visual design, there are countless flavors of disciplines these days — Critt helped us scale and match the right designer to the right business needs."
Zack R.
Design Manager, Roku
"Getting unbiased feedback from a diverse cohort of world-class designers has allowed us build stronger teams. The best part of using Critt —I don' t need to pull designers off of project any more to interview for me!"